Being CEO of a company, you have pretty much everything going against you, while simultaneously having to keep dozens of plates spinning at once.

Everything has to go right, but let’s be real here for a sec - nothing ever does.

With all these pressures, sinong di bibigay!? Right??

At the end of the day, we’re all just humans honestly!

No wonder research found that the loneliest job in the world is being a CEO. In fact, aside from celebrities, suicide is most common in CEOs as well. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe that being a CEO doesn’t have to be SO hard.

It doesn’t have to be SO overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be SO confusing.

Sure, problem after problem may come our way multiple times in a day, but...

We know where we’re going & we’re getting things done.

✅ 2 Day Intensive Workshop jampacked with the following:

  • All the energy & time management I’ve learned during my 4+ years in business as an OBM, Business Owner, and Freelancer

  • Everything you’ll need to support yourself in showing up on your CEO Day as the game-changing entrepreneur that you are

  • All the resources that I use to make sure me and my clients’ businesses are in tip-top shape!

  • The process to build your CEO Day in your own unique way (‘cause really, when has a person ever been built the same??)

  • The exact boundary-setting process I do to keep me in my CEO zone all throughout 2022

✅ First ever Design Your CEO Day Workbook and all future updates!

✅ Access to a resource hub filled with For-CEOs-only evaluation, time audits, trackers, and analytics

Video Replay Recording so you can rewatch anytime you want!

✅ A members-only community for focused & intentional CEOs (like YOU) so you can reflect, check in, and share notes with one another

It doesn’t stop there…

🎁 4 Quarterly Group Check-in Calls to keep one another accountable for the goals, projects, and ideas we’ve set for 2023! (P10,000)

We are not yet over.

For the first 5 to secure their seat…

🎁 1:1 CEO Day Optimization Call where you get to ask me questions about structuring your own CEO Day (P5,000)

And for the first 25? This one’s for you!

🎁 1 CEO Day Optimization Group Call where we’ll review your CEO Day after 2 weeks to see how we can optimize your CEO Day more! (P2,500)

P20,000 worth of items but I’m only giving it to you for only P5,000 P2,500

This sale lasts until Shiro's Vet Bills are fully covered

After saving your seat, kindly expect our welcome email within 24 hours! 

If you paid via Gcash, kindly send your payment screenshot to

Now, how do I do that?

After a year or so of trying all sorts of things - googling (everyone’s favorite!), listening to podcasts, taking courses, trying out all the tips & advices.

I realized it really boils down to US, as the CEOs, and our ability to manage our TIME & FOCUS so we can keep scaling our business without getting overwhelmed & burned out.



Imagine yourself…

Radiating genuine confidence to you, your team, and your clients - which inspires them to support you in your vision even more.

Falling asleep soundly for 6-8 hrs per night without your own anxiety & stress waking you up in the middle of the night

Crossing out your internal projects at the end of each quarter as you see them lift their feet off the ground FINALLY (with tears of joy!)

Saying NO to opportunities that come your way knowing na it’s the BEST decision you’re making

Creating a culture for your business that motivates your team to get things done even when you don’t say so.


The next Design Your CEO Day Workshop is happening on Jan 21, 2pm and Jan 28, 2pm! Make sure you save your time in the afternoon for 3hrs max. If you’re not available, don’t worry, video replays will be available within 24 hours.

Oh, and while you're waiting for the next LIVE workshop, you'll already get access for past replay!

Yes, we do! We have both BPI and Gcash Payment. Don’t forget to send the screenshot to! Then wait for 24 hours for your welcome email.

Not necessarily! You can be starting pa lang. But the key thing is to build foundational habits so mas makakagrow ka na and di ka mahold back when you're actually bigger na.

If you paid via Paypal, kindly wait for 24 hours for our welcome email. For other payments, kindly send your screenshots to Can't wait to see you inside!

They would be on the second to the last Friday before each quarter. So that’s 4 calls until December 2023!

The first 5 to secure their seats definitely will!

If you’re not ready to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to do your CEO Day, then this ain’t for you. After all, bakit pa tayo magdedesign ng CEO Day if di mo rin gagamitin? Riiiiight???

Yes, let’s talk money! Think about this. Let’s say your time is worth at least P1000 per hour. If you were able to shorten your hours from 12 hrs to 7-8hrs/day and get more internals projects done (which can frankly lead to more clients with a lean team & streamlined systems), the price of your time can increase 2x or more. Is that all worth if for only P2500? I’ll leave the computation to you.

Nope! Simply because this is already very low ticket and it all boils down to you taking action once the workshop is done.



After saving your seat, kindly expect our welcome email within 24 hours! 

If you paid via Gcash, kindly send your payment screenshot to